It’s a free and fun challenge for anyone who loves EATALY resto. Try 4 of our vegan dishes in a row from your Meatless March Challenge card, and your name goes in the hat to win one year of free vegan food. Even if you don’t win, it’s a great way to try new food in a systematic way.

You can get a Meatless March Challenge card and play at any time. The challenge runs in the month of March 2019. Enjoy !

The idea is like old fashioned bingo, but with a twist. This March, people who want to try will get a 4×Meatless March Challenge card, and in each square, there will be the name of a vegan dish.

Players identify 4-in-a-rows that look appealing – maybe there’s one that had a couple dishes you know you like, along with 3 other ones you’ve been meaning to try.

Then you set out to get your 4-in-a-row before the end of the month. For example:

This could be someone’s Meatless March Challenge cardsay it’s Andovi’s.

Andovi decides to try to get the top 4-in-a-row (Pizza Funghi Freschi, Insalata Mista, Sweet Potato Brownie, Spaghetti con Aubergine & Spinach).

He likes Pizza Funghi Freschi and Sweet Potato Brownie, and he wants to try Insalata Mista and Spaghetti con Aubergine & Spinach. Once he tried all fourhe gets entered into a drawing for one year of free vegan food at EATALY.

If Andovi gets drawn as the Meatless March Challenge winner, all he has to do is show the receipts from the 4-in-a-row he claimed. 

The rules of EATALY’S Meatless March Challenge:

1. Totally free to get a Meatless March Challenge Card and play (other than the normal cost of going to our restaurant).

2. Only official Meatless March Challenge Cards can be used.

3. You can submit as many 4-in-a-row “Challenge Cards” as you can achieve. Each submission is another entry into the prize drawing.

4. When the winner(s) is drawn, they must produce valid proof of all Meatless March” claims they submitted to confirm visits, dishesdates etc. SAVE RECEIPTS – that’s the easiest thing to do. At our discretion, camera-phone shots or scans of receipts, credit card statements, and other documentation may be considered acceptable.

5. The prize drawing will be done such that the first five names pulled get to win.

6. Free food for a year means that we will grant the winner of the Meatless March Challenge one free vegan food dish once a day for one year after handing out the winners identification card.

7. The daily claim can not be combined with any other promotion.

Also,  we are disqualifying ourselfs and our employees from playing. Very sad, but it’s only fair.

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