When your budget is tight but you still want to indulge

When your budget is tight but you still want to indulge

If you want to treat yourself on your lunch break, or simply have a spare hour or so to kill, EATALY is there with a superb lunch deal.


Our two and three course super value lunch sets have everything to tickle your taste buds: from a delightful Minestrone soup and healthy green salad to our truly madly pasta and best best pizza (and our fave part of the pizza deal: on request, you can order it with different toppings on each half – perfect for sharing!).

Thank you for being our customers

Thank you for being our customers

We have a good cause to be excited: since launched in October 2016 we have been able to serve more than 50.000 happy customers at our restaurants in Green Lake City and Citra Garden.

We would like to celebrate this achievement with a special promotion: join us for a set lunch at EATALY from 17 September to 28 September 2018 and you will get your money back.

Visit us at EATALY, where people are coming together to eat really well and enjoy the company of families and friends !


A brief history of Italian cuisine

It is no secret that Italian cuisine is beloved around the world. Yet most diners are not aware of the rich
history behind these tasty dishes. The country’s ancient inhabitants, the Etruscans, originally subsisted on
a diet of meat, soups and variations of cereal. They invented olive oil and a long line of other staples in
traditional Italian cuisine. These staples “set the table” (pun intended) for the culinary explosion that soon
Greeks and Romans
Fast forward to the 8th century and the Greeks had colonized the southern portion of the country. Their
primary foods included bread, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, corn-based cereal concoctions, lupines, dry